Our International Team

Hayley Roper – International Manager

Hayley Roper Photo (1)

My name is Hayley I am the international manager, I am responsible for the international department here at Waimea College. I am looking forward to working with our international students and to guide their experiences of our school, our community and our country. As a student at Waimea College you will see a lot of me. I will be there to help you celebrate your successes, face your challenges, and I take overall responsibility for ensuring your time in New Zealand is safe and positive. My door will always be open to Waimea College’s international students and I am looking forward to meeting you soon.

Email me at intl.manager@waimea.school.nz

Megan Wright – Homestay Co-ordinator

Kia ora,Megan Wright my name is Megan and my role is to support you in your homestay, our school and in the community. I want your New Zealand experience to be the best it can possibly be, and one which you will remember forever. I am available to you on a daily basis and you are always welcome to come and talk to me about anything at all. I will always respect your culture and your privacy. During your time at Waimea, I hope you will feel comfortable to come and see me with any questions you have about your homestay,  your friends,  your holiday plans, the New Zealand culture and lifestyle or any problems you require assistance in solving.  See you soon!

Email me at intl.homestay@waimea.school.nz

Carol Morgan – International Tutor & Teacher in Charge of English Language

I am yourCarol Morgan International Tutor and a teacher of English Language. When you arrive I will support you in selecting subjects for your timetables and will be there to help you with any problems that may  occur in the classroom or within the school. If you are studying English Language, it is likely I will also be one of your subject teachers.  I am here every day and am looking forward to meeting you sometime soon.

Email me at carol.morgan@waimea.school.nz 

Trish McGee – English Language Teacher & International Student Support

Trish McGeeI teach English Language classes and support our senior international students in their mainstream New Zealand English programme.  I also teach a one-on-one  individualised language programme for students requiring additional help in speaking, writing and listening in English.  I have an in-depth understanding of the tasks that are required of you to in order to succeed and am committed to supporting you in achieving these. I’m proud to work at this school and am looking forward to meeting you at Waimea College soon. Remember, if you need any help, please just come and see me to ask.

Email me at trish.mcgee@waimea.school.nz

Caroline Everts – International Student Support

My roCaroline Evertsle is to support our international students in their mainstream New Zealand classes; particularly English, Mathematics and Science.  I am happy to assist any student that is having trouble understanding their teacher or completing the work required within class.  I may support you in a one-one-one basis, or I might come along to your clasess in order to assist all international students in that class.  I am looking forward to meeting you here at Waimea College.

Email me at caroline.everts@waimea.school.nz